Funny People

Family! BeachbodyDaddio (aka Stan, my darling daddy, he frequently assists me in perfecting my debating skills)

Mums (aka Shelby, my magnificent mother, she is the best therapist ever — her advice is life-saving)

Twinface (aka Josh, my best friend and brother to boot, he is the second best therapist ever — his listening skills are life-saving)

The Diva (aka Lynds, my sensational sister, she’s kind and thoughtful and compassionate, she shows me her servants heart and challenges me through her example)

The Dude (aka Gray, my boisterous baby brother, he’s my kindred spirit, he refuses to conform to society’s expectations and instead lives wild at heart)

Sweet P (aka Patty, my stinkin’ cute baby brother, he’s an adorable rascal, he teaches me daily the miracle of life and the joys of love)

My Love (aka Jacob, the love of my life, he encourages me to run after Christ with every fiber of my being, his heart for all people inspires me everyday to live and love unashamedly)


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