Bucket List

(in no particular order)

+ publish a book (novel or non-fiction) that has MEANING

+ visit New York City  [completed March 24-27, 2011]

+ visit London [completed February 28-March 2, 2013]

+ see Les Miserables in London

+ visit France [completed February, 2013 when I visited Paris, Lyon, Annecy, and Chamonix]

+ eat Fish and Chips and beer in a London pub [completed February 28, 2013]

+ swim in the Dead Sea

+ sip coffee at a Parisian Cafe [completed February 22, 2013]

+ stand on a Scottish moor

+ perfect my British accent

+ eat kimchi and ramyun in South Korea

+ visit Africa [completed June, 2012 when I visited Ethiopia] // click, click, click to learn more!

+ visit Prince Edward Island

+ visit Alaska

+ visit Oxford, England

+ visit Cambridge, England

+ visit Ireland

+ eat Fish and Chips and beer in an Irish pub

+ visit Northern Ireland

+ visit Scotland

+ visit Wales

+ visit New Zealand

+ visit Isreal

+ visit Iceland

+ live in London for a time

+ live in New York City for a time [completed June-August, 2014]

+ fall in love and get married

+ adopt a child

+ give birth naturally

+ live in Africa for a time

+ go skydiving

+ read the entire bible through

+ witness a birth [completed March 13, 2002 and June 29, 2010]

+ memorize an entire book of the bible

+ win a photography award

+ learn another language

+ run a 5K

+ run a 10K

+ lead someone to Christ

+ become close friends with someone with a British accent

+ go skinny dipping

+ travel to 6 of 7 continents (sorry, Antarctica) 

+ ride in a hot air balloon

+ go on an African safari

+ pet a baby tiger or liger

+ work with troubled youth

+ meet someone famous (who I actually admire!)

+ ride a horse bareback through a field

+ share a kiss at the dawning of a New Year

+ save a life

+ start a conversation with a stranger

+ overcome my fear of spiders by holding one in my hand

+ sleep all night in a hammock

+ learn to dance

+ see Phantom of the Opera on broadway [completed March 24, 2011 and November, 2011]

+ go to a Mumford and Sons concert

+ go to a One Direction concert [completed March 7, 2012 and June 10, 2012 and August 4, 2013]

+ go to an Ed Sheeran concert [completed February 13, 2013] // click, click, click to learn more!

+ kiss my love beneath the Eiffel Tower

+ kiss my love in the pouring London rain

+ name my firstborn son Elam

+ visit every Jane Austen sight in England

+ visit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross [completed February 28, 2013]

+ ride a red double-decker bus in London [completed March 2, 2013]

+ visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter [completed May 2, 2012] // click, click, click to learn more!

+ learn how to drive stick shift

+ receive a handwritten letter from my love

+ learn an instrument

+ own a typewriter

+ become financially literate

+ own a record player

+ hike in the Grand Canyon [completed August, 2012 multiple times]

+ stand on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange [completed March 25, 2011]

+ stand in Times Square [completed March 24, 2011]

+ tour the Tower of London [completed March 1, 2013]

+ feel comfortable navigating the public transportation systems in a city [completed February, 2013 while in Paris and London]

+ gaze at the Northern Lights

+ sleep next to my love under the stars

+ learn archery

+ learn to ski (water and snow)

+ ride a horse through the mountains of Montana

+ visit Chicago

+ take a creative writing class or workshop

+ take a photography class or workshop

+ gain a basic understanding of technology

+ make a snow angel

+ photograph wild horses  [completed June, 2013 while in the Outer Banks of North Carolina] // click, click, click to learn more!


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