Beachbody Coaching (and how it has changed my life)


I’ve been a Beachbody coach for two months… I chose the craziest months to start: finals and the holidays…

Still, in those busy TWO months, I earned almost as much money as I earned working a retail job for three months!

Do you know what else?

For my retail job I was spending anywhere from 2-3 hours a week in the car commuting (depending on traffic) and paying $20+ a week in gas. For Beachbody I do everything from the comfort of my home! No driving time or gas money required.

So what have I been able to do with this money?

As you may or may not know (since I haven’t really talked about him *yet* on the blog) my wonderful boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship (he lives in TX and I live in AZ). Long-distance can be tough at times and the cost of travel can prevent many couples from being able to see each other on a regular basis (plane tickets aren’t cheap!). This is where Beachbody comes in! The money I am making has allowed me to pay for plane tickets (without decimating my savings) so that we never have to go more than a month without seeing each other!

Why do I share this?

I have never shared the Beachbody coaching opportunity publicly before. When I first joined an accountability group and started drinking Shakeology and working out everyday that was something I did for ME. It didn’t take long, however, for me to realize that I LOVED this community and the lifestyle change it had enabled me to embrace and I wanted to share that with others! That’s why I’m so passionate about Beachbody and my monthly accountability groups. It’s not a way for me to “get rich quick.” It’s a way for me to help others transform their lives while transforming my own!

If you are reading this right now and thinking “Wow! Personal lifestyle transformation + helping others achieve personal lifestyle transformations + extra $$$! How do I find out more?” EMAIL ME! I would love to fill you in on the coaching opportunity and share more with you about how it has changed my life!!! This is the perfect opportunity for college women that want to earn some money in college while also growing the opportunity as a career or side job that would enable you to have career options after school.


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