Unveiling Beauty // Bre

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It is with great delight that I share with you today a little piece of this beautiful girl’s heart! Although I haven’t known her long, Bre has inspired me with her great joy for life through our every interaction. I’m blessed to have met her and I hope for many years of friendship to come. Reading her answers to these questions I am encouraged all over again, and I hope you enjoy this peek into her wisdom and enthusiasm for living as much as I do!


+ how would you describe your style?

Convenient. I wear clothes that serve a purpose, not to make a statement or to put me in a fashion magazine. Most of my clothes are very colorful, which makes me feel bright and happy inside as well as outside. All but a very small handful of my clothes are extremely comfortable, and give me full range of motion in case I want to randomly do a handstand while walking across the intramural field to class. The only non-functional thing I’ll wear is a dress. I love dresses because you don’t have to match them to anything! You just throw them on and it’s a whole outfit right there!



+  what does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is internal. It is the way a person thinks, feels, and treats others. It has nothing to do with if you are skinny or curvy, athletic or not-so-much, or anything aside from the state of your heart. It has to do with how a woman sees the world, and her purpose in it. The only external sign of beauty to me is a smile.


+ what makes you come alive?

Inversions. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s basically any yoga pose that gets your heart or feet above your head. I used to tumble, but I quit that before starting college because that destroys your body. Despite the injuries, I missed tumbling I loved turning stress and anxiety into something beautiful. It was basically my outlet. I recently discovered yoga, and more specifically inversions. I am now obsessed with being upside, and turning a stressful day into a beautiful trick.


+ when you hear the word “modesty” what do you think of? what does modesty mean to you?

When I hear modesty, I think of the way a woman carries herself. Yes, it has a little to do with covering the 3 B’s (boobs, back, butt), but mostly it comes from the heart. I do not feel right telling a girl her shorts are too short, when we all go to the pool in bottoms resembling underwear. However, if I have a friend/sister in Christ who is wearing shorter shorts and not carrying herself the way a Christian woman should, then I would tell her. And I would hope if I slipped up in the modesty department I would have a sister to do the same for me.


Bre5+ high heels or flats?

Always flats, no question. I will wear high heels if my mom tells me to, but generally I stay far away from heels since my past experiences with them involves knocking over a sock rack in a store, and falling during a presentation last semester.

Bre3 DSC_0742

+ what is the number one item in your closet you would be loath to part with?


My sliders (see picture).They are basically sandals with foam in them, and they are amazingly comfortable. I wear those with black socks, and in my opinion that is acceptable footwear. And no, this is not just for my yoga pant or athletic shorts day… I once wore these with nice jeans and a dress shirt. My best friend scolded me for that one.


+ what/who gives you confidence? (besides that perfectly perfect shade of lipstick!)

I would first like to address the lipstick part of this question. To all those girls who wear their perfect shade of lipstick and look wonderful (*cough cough*, the author of this blog), then give yourself a pat on the back. I stick to neutral colored lip gloss, because if I were to wear lipstick in any shade, it would be all over my face and resemble war paint rather than a colorful accessory.

Moving on and to answer the question; my loved ones give me confidence. For a long time I never believed what my family and close friends said because of course they had to say nice things about me. It was their job, right? Granted that is true, but I realized eventually that their opinions were valid after all. Yes, most of their compliments came from their inward perception of me, not the outside. However, I finally realized that was the point! Who cares about what random people thing of my physical appearance? If all that is supposed to matter is inward beauty, and my loved ones thought I was beautiful in my heart, why wouldn’t that be enough for me? I now accept their compliments instead of brushing them away and let their love for me build my confidence, regardless of what the mirror says.

Bre4 Bre6

+ how do you hope to inspire others to embrace their God-given beauty and style?

This question hits home because I struggled with this so much when I was a tween/younger teen. When it came to beauty, all I saw were flaws. When it came to style, all I cared about was finding fits of clothes to hide all of those flaws. I have struggled with self-esteem so much in the past, and long story short God pulled me out of it. I struggle with my image on a daily basis, but when I step back and remember that God made me intentionally and beautifully, I feel better. Not to mention that in the grand scheme of things, physical beauty is such a waste of energy to fixate on.

My hope is that others see that God can wipe away any insecurity they may have, and ultimately that they let Him wipe that away. God made me beautiful, and I hope I’m able to show every person I meet that God made them beautiful as well.



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